Monday, March 3, 2008


I have come to the conclusion that this blog remains largely unread. It is likely that few will read these words, but it is personally satisfying. I first started the blog with the belief that I just might have something good and I would like some feedback. Since then, I have been humbled by the works of William Wordsworth, Maya Angelou, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Walt Whitman, Robert Herrick, and many others. I have come to the reality that my work is, though not bad, horribly mediocre. It is merely poetic paragraphs chopped up into aesthetically appealing lines. I am fine with this. I have decided then, to devote this humble blog to the sharing, illegal at that, of poetry of the great poets of the world, giving due credit to the authors and assuring accurate publications. Such poetry has changed my life, may it change yours as well.
The humbled poet

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