Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slow Days Passing

Ah! The haiku! I have yet to post any haiku poems upon this site, largely because I myself am unfamiliar with the haiku. I found a small gem the other day in a used bookstore; Silent Flowers, a 1967 collection of Japanese haiku poems, complete with delicate little illustrations. How I would like to be able to know each haiku in its first language! In the book, much of the poetry comes off as stupidly simplistic in translation. The beauty is lost. So, next on my list is to discover American haiku poems, untainted by language barriers. For now, I'd like to share a few beautiful little poems from Silent Flowers. Enjoy the beautiful simplicity.

The halo of the moon,--
Is it not the scent of plum-blossoms
Rising up to heaven?
~ Buson

From what flowering tree
I know not,--
But, ah, the fragrance!
~ Basho

The butterfly
Even when pursued,
Never appears in a hurry.
~ Garuku

Slow days passing, accumulating,
How distant they are,
The things of the past!
~ Buson


Lisa Owens said...

Dear Valerie,
I know I am a horrible blogger, and I have no right to ask this of you. However, I was hoping for more poetry from you. This has been quite the dry spell, and I request that you try and update especially since you are moving far away from me.

Love, Lisa

RainLark said...

I love haikus... Especially Basho's.. But as you read them you always wonder if it felt different in its true language... nevertheless.. its beautifu, some translations..